About Nicole

The Boots

Genuine leather boots are one of my most favorite things.  There's something so comfortable and cozy about a pair that fit *just* right.  Those who love them as much as I do will understand this quite well; They're classic, go with almost every outfit, and can last for years, if given the proper care.  My clients are always teated in the same way: with love, care, and a desire to show them off!

The Desire

I prefer old over new.  Homes, movies, fashion, all call to me from previous decades, or even centuries, and I love drawing out hints of those feelings and looks in my work.  Black and white photos are my favorite.  They're classic, and speak volumes through their simplicity (though color does have a special place in my heart, too!).  Candid, natural photos are what I do best.  The laughter, the butterflies in your stomach... everything from that day, I want you to feel again, when you look at your photos hanging on the walls in your home, or in the album on your coffee table.  Those emotions and stories can be shared for generations, and what better way to do that than through words and pictures?

The Photographer

While my roots run deep in Wisconsin, my desire to travel has brought me everywhere from New York City, to the Rocky Mountains in Montana.  I love exploring new places, and of COURSE, trying out new foods.  

I'm always on a mission to find the *best* chips and salsa around: thin crispy perfectly salted tortilla chips, with expertly blended salsa that's got just the right amount of "kick" to it.  I'm also a leader for the Rising Tide Society's local chapter of TuesdaysTogether, a fantastic group for creatives who get together and support each other in the spirit of "Community Over Competition."  If you're in the creative industry (blogger, wedding planner, florist, etc.) and are looking for a FREE supportive community, check them out!

The Duo

This business wouldn't be possible without this man by my side.  Nicholas is my husband, the father to our two kiddos, AND my second shooter!  I love that I'm able to do what I love with him by my side, and know that we're working together to create something beautiful.

The Life

When we're not out shooting weddings, Nick and I love to spend our time with our two amazing kiddos, Aiden & Alexandra, and our rescue dog, named Bruce.  We're also a homeschooling family, and registered foster parents for our county.  We're also big fans of traveling (people jokingly call us the Griswolds, since we drive EVERYWHERE!), camping, living out our faith, and exploring new places, but will always have a special place in our hearts for Disney World (we're obsessed).

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