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December 12, 2016



"cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength."



"think deeply or carefully about.


Winter arrived in Wisconsin late last night in the form of a winter storm.  We woke up to several inches covering the ground, and even more fell throughout the day.  Weather like this, especially on the weekends, calls for only a few things: no driving, plenty of snowball fights, warm comfort food, and a roaring fire.  It begs us, if not requires us, to slow down.  Even the trees are kept still, blanketed in layers of snowflakes.



Don't you wish that you could be required to rest sometimes?  Life can become so over-scheduled, so "busy", that we don't even take the time to recharge.  Our bodies and minds NEED rest to thrive, and to grow.  It gives us time to find that quiet space where we can think, or pray (if that's your jam!), or have quiet conversations with others.


I firmly believe that everyone has a "plate" for their obligations and commitments.  Family takes up a good portion of mine (I mean that in the most loving way possible, promise!), my personal obligations like church, volunteering, and of course my business is there too.  Rest is on there too!  This plate though?  It's only *so* big.  At some point, things may have to get shifted on or off, but the moment I try removing rest?  Yikes.  I become a not-so-pleasant person, and get less accomplished because I'm overworked and unfocused.  One of my favorite verses is all about having a time and season for every little thing: "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens."  Yes, there are times where a full schedule is what we're dealt, but quite often, we choose to over-schedule ourselves.  Definitely guilty of that one myself!


Resting allows us time to reflect too.  As a business owner, this is so incredibly important.  If I didn't allow my business time to "rest", I wouldn't have time to reflect.  2016 was a whirlwind year for my business.  I've met a number of amazing families, made some HUGE upgrades to my equipment, and most importantly, learned just how much I love what I'm doing for both myself and others.  I've made mistakes along the way, but what are mistakes than simply an opportunity to learn?


I need to rest for not just myself and my business's benefit, but my family and friends, too.  I need those quiet, simple mornings together by the fire, the movies on the couch all snuggled up under loads of blankets & slippers.  I feel recharged and energized after spending time at a dear friend's home, drinking a bit too much coffee and talking about everything and nothing all at once.  I feel loved, and at peace, when we put the kiddos to bed, and Nick and I are able to sit down together and talk about life.  Not work, not the kids, just us... or have a glass of wine while watching "This Is Us" (FAVORITE show, aside from The Office!).





 Perhaps for you, rest is a day on the calendar with a big fat "NO" on it.  No photo sessions, no editing, no scheduling, just family.  Maybe it's a personal vacation, a few hours at a coffee shop where you get THE best big squishy chair by the window all to yourself, or strolling the aisles at Target because #clearanceendcaps and starbucks coffee go together like... Target and Starbucks?!  Maybe it's the hour on weekends where the kids are in Sunday school and you're able to listen to someone talk about how loved you are, and that you matter.


Can you promise me something?  Whatever way it is that you find rest, commit to keeping that time.  Life moves in seasons of busy, crazy, and completely chaotic.  It can be difficult to keep it on your plate, but those moments are the ones you look back on later in life with gladness.  The talks with a good friend, the fun in the snow with your kiddos, the laughter you shared with your spouse.  They need a recharged, full you in their life as much as you deserve it yourself.


I made the choice to apply for, and was selected to be a Tuesday's Together leader for the Rising Tide Society.  This company is the most delightful, supportive group of people I've met in quite some time. 


Is that not perfect?!


As someone in the creative industry, this mindset, this attitude, was refreshing.  How often do we compare ourselves to others, not just in business, but with our personal lives?  The entire purpose of Tuesday's Together is to offer support and love to local creative business owners (photographers, designers, florists, planners, to name a few), through social media AND once a mont in person meet-ups!  If you fit that description, I want to encourage you to look up a local group and get yourself connected with some fabulous new people in your area.  No one is selling anything, the meetings are free, and they're filled with people like you and me, just looking to connect and build each other up.


The Rising Tide Society is all about connecting others, and helping to make creative business owners thrive with the support and love of others.  They've come up with a fun challenge for this week: The Recharge Challenge I'm actually going to be helping with the first day's content, as part of an instagram takeover; how cool is that?!  Even if you don't participate in the challenge, have some fun and see what others share and post about over this week.  I find that when I'm around others who are intentional about bringing peace to their world, even online, it makes me want to do the same.  I'll also be spending a bit more time this week on the blog and business planning in general.  Sounds boring, but I promise it'll be fun, so check it all out on instagram and of course right *here!*


Enjoy your evening friends.  Stay warm, drive safe, and embrace and appreciate those restful moments.


<3 N.G.





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